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Disclaimer: This is only a demo of a unique player controller. The concept is included as a pitch for fun because I have it anyway. Most of the systems shown are not presentable, unfortunately. If there is interest, I may revive the concept.

A lab experimenting with self-replicating technology has had a breakthrough...

..and a containment breach.

LFT-R is deployed.

Hunter-grabber ships cruise and comb alien bio-dome: 

we call 'them orbs "options"

Players race in a coop vehicular hover-shmup to sweep gray-goo Duplicants back into the lava: before the nasty boids can breach reactor containment!


blobviously this is the Perfect Dark OST. I will pull it at request: It's just a candid cap of what I was listening to when I made a recording impromptu during a dev session. Check it out, I'm barely trying! The car's perspective was neat though. 

Psygnonsis' "G-Police" was an inspiration for this game's aesthetics, but it's otherwise fairly original. 

It took me several months to make this, after about a year of experimenting with making my own 3D games. Many of its systems were naively implemented: demanding an unsustainable amount of work maintaining dependencies using the Unity Editor.

Despite how that may sound, these systems may have been poorly engineered but were not unsophisticated:

By utilizing a scheduler, I was able to handle thousands of transforms without ECS. They are being translated, not handled by the physics engine. Their AI blends vectors from multiple behaviors, and is a batch-process type deal.

A 2nd timestep used to cast forward is almost enough to prevent them from clipping - at least when sparse enough.

I like making batch process type deals :P This aint the most kickin' lappy.  (7200U)

The Duplicants were to grow as crystals and launch themselves into the scene, then zip around like impossible spinning wheels causing havoc.

 As much as I love Unity: it has to be used carefully. Unfortunately I damaged the project files somehow, probably due to opening the project with an incompatible version of the editor.

This is a pitfall I have experienced both first and second-hand more than once: Many people would have re-built this project immediately. I didn't do that because the aforementioned unsustainable amount of work maintaining dependencies means it would be rational to re-build and re-program this project from the ground up having learned from mistakes made in the process.

I had to set this player back up for this demo, which was more of a puzzle than it ought to have been.

Blast door: 

(motion after the teeth meet shouldn't have been delayed, but otherwise cool)

It's free form modeling, but the blue and yellow objects here are being used as a visual guide for spacing so AI can more reliably navigate the scene. You'll notice a lot of very bad clipping in one of the videos above, it is simply because the captured configuration is a candid first-run: nodes and buildings need some adjustment.

"gray boxing" from a total 3D noob made using software of the devil:

This project is from a time when my reach exceeded my grasp. A crossroads of ambition and naivete resulted in poor project management and unsustainable development practices.  I learned a lot from mistakes made on this project.


LFT-R Character Prototype 2017.rar 17 MB

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