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2018: I left any errors in, it's shit! I made this kinematic character controller in 3 days when I didn't know how to apply Quaternions correctly at my first game jam. It was a pain in the ass, but it made me better at it! I also sucked at 3D modeling at the time, and was really bad at Unity!

It only works with controllers and I'm pretty sure the game loop is broken.


This is my first complete game loop (very technically). Maximum Possible Dose is a vehicular crane game where the player tries to retrieve radioactive barrels.

It was also my first jam, it's been a good time!

To try this project you need an Xbox controller. Two players can play. It uses an "opposing stick" style driver, which might be unusual to anyone unfamiliar to tank controls. To pick up a barrel, pull the right trigger when the indicator clings towards one. Pulling the trigger again will kick the barrel forward, considering the vehicle's velocity - sending it flying.

Install instructions

I used Xbox One controllers and was having a lot of difficulty getting the inputs to register correctly. They need to be plugged in when you launch the game, and the triggers may or may not work at all (making the game impossible to play/win).


Maximum Permissible Dose.zip 15 MB

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